Employees | General practice Homerulaan (2023)

In a cozy 1930s house, four general practitioners, one general practitioner in training, four doctor's assistants and three practice nurses pool their knowledge and experience to provide good patient care. Furthermore, a dietician, physiotherapists, psycho-somatic therapist, neighborhood team employees and a number of coaches and psychologists work in the building.


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Jack Muller
General Practitioner - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

In 1997 I started General Practice Muller on the Homeruslaan. And since 2000, together with Lisette de Ruiter, I have taken care of our patients with great pleasure and satisfaction.

I like open and honest communication. My broad interests mean that I still think that the profession of general practitioner is the best job to do. I like the intimacy of the profession. In addition, I often perform minor surgical procedures and give injections in and around joints and tendons.

I also have a few passions such as making music and traveling.

As a musician I play with a few bands in Utrecht. I am also a member of the Dutch Association for Music and Dance Medicine, I advise various Dutch and international artists and I am a medical volunteer at TivoliVredenburg.

In addition to my many long journeys, I worked for thirteen years as an emergency center doctor and assisted many Dutch holidaymakers abroad with medical problems. You can contact me for the medical preparation (such as travel vaccinations) of your long journey. I am fully certified travel doctor and even authorized to administer yellow fever vaccines. The Homeruslaan practice is an officially recognized vaccination center.

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Lisa de Ruiter
General Practitioner - Thursday, Friday

I have been working with Jack Muller since 2000. I know the neighborhood well, as I was born and raised in Utrecht East and where my children grew up. I still enjoy living here.

Before my specialization as a general practitioner, I gained experience in gynaecology. Requests for IUDs are therefore assessed by me and placed for patients who are registered at Muller's general practice.

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Marguerite Bunge
General Practitioner - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Together with Myrthe ter Horst I work in Praktijk Bunge on the Homeruslaan. I have enjoyed working here since 1994. I am easily approachable and would love to talk to you. The practice is small-scale, so there is a nice working atmosphere with short lines, where patients can be helped in a personal way.

After my GP training I worked for a year as a gate doctor in the hospital. In addition, I have gained experience in acute medicine and in various specialties, including gynaecologist, internist, cardiologist, surgeon and orthopedist.

I am enthusiastic about the general practitioner profession and enjoy helping people close to home. Over the years I have gained experience in guiding people with big and small problems. You can also contact me for small operations, injections and the placement of spirals. In addition to my work as a general practitioner, I organize refresher courses for general practitioners in Utrecht.

My husband is from America. I got my license to practice in the United States. We have decided to live and work in the Netherlands. Obviously my english is fine. We have 2 daughters.

In my free time I like to make music (flute), tennis, skiing and traveling.

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Myrthe ter Horst
GP – Wednesday, Friday

From April 2023 I will work as a permanent observer of Dr. Bunge. I already know the practice well. I was able to do the last year of my general practitioner training at the homeruslaan in 2020 and worked as a practice manager in the following years. In the meantime I have worked at various practices in the region and I was a permanent observer at general practice Loosdrecht.

I am very happy that I am now working again as a general practitioner at the Homeruslaan. There is a close homely atmosphere and the contact with both patients and employees is very nice. I therefore fully support the core values ​​of the practice: Conscious small-scale. For me, the general practitioner's profession is still the best profession, it gives me both satisfaction and sufficient challenge. What attracts me most about the general practitioner profession is the bond you build with the patients, I like to think along with the patients and thus come to a solution together.

Together with my husband and daughter I live on the other side of Utrecht and I enjoy cycling to work every day. I like outdoor sports, playing tennis, cycling or just walking.

See you in practice!

Doctor's assistants

Read here what you can do with the assistant

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Anky de Lijser
Doctor's assistant/POH - Monday Wednesday, Thursday

Who doesn't know her? Experienced, humorous, alert, knowledgeable and ... already more than 30 years in practice !!!

In addition to her work as a doctor's assistant, Anky has become increasingly skilled in guiding patients. For example, all patients with high blood pressure are monitored by her. She also charts the older patients according to protocol and checks them regularly.

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Pauline Baerends
Doctor's assistant - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

From 1 January 2010, Paulien joined our team. Before she started working in Utrecht East, she worked in various general practices and at the dermatology outpatient clinic of the academic hospital in Groningen. Here she has gained a lot of experience in wound care, bandaging and various treatments for skin problems.

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Sigrid Westenbrink
Doctor's assistant - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Sigrid did an internship at Homeruslaan in 2006 and enjoyed it so much that she came back after completing her education. Sigrid brings the life experience of a mother and the life lessons of previous work.

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Jenica Curelaru
Doctor's assistant - Thursday and Friday

Since May 2018, Jenica has been working on Homeruslaan. A long cherished wish has now come true. In her spare time she gives Reiki treatments for people with chronic pain.

Practice nurses

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Lotte van Oosterbosch
Practice nurse - Mondays and Wednesdays

Since March 2022 I have been working as a practice nurse on the Homeruslaan. In this position I guide people with diabetes (diabetes) and also people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

In 2009 I completed my education as a nurse, after which I started working in the Diakonessenhuis. Later I alternated this with various projects of Doctors Without Borders in Africa. She noticed how important prevention and good basic health care are. That's why I made the switch to general practice in 2020.

What I like here is the permanent, low-threshold contact with patients. I find it fun and important to work with people on good health, so that they too can continue to do those things that they find fun and important in their lives for as long as possible.

Besides my work I enjoy reading, gardening, long walks, bouldering, cooking, baking and playing (board) games.

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Barbara Jiskoot
Pulmonary Nurse - Tuesday

Since November 2003 I have been working as a specialist asthma/COPD nurse for Careyn. Before that I worked as a district nurse for 15 years in various districts of Utrecht, mostly in Overvecht Noord. At the moment I work for several general practitioners. I also see children with asthma and allergies once every two weeks during my consultation hours at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital.

As a pulmonary nurse, I provide information and guidance with regard to your illness and all aspects that can influence how much you suffer from that illness. Together with you, I determine what is needed to reduce the symptoms of your asthma/COPD and to prevent or delay the worsening of your symptoms.

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Simone Vankan
POH-GGZ - Wednesday & Thursday

Since January 2023 I have been working at Homeruslaan. Nice to experience that urban feeling again from the bike. I have been working as a Poh-ggz for 8 years. I am originally from South Limburg (1974). I studied Psychology in Nijmegen and later did the training for system (family and relationship) therapy at the Rino.

I have worked in the forensic field for a long time. I have a family, am a companion, love walking (with our dog) and nice conversations. A few years ago I discovered my passion for bridge (I am more of a mind athlete than a physical athlete).

I would like to make people feel at ease, name what I see and from there we look together at what is needed.

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Finished Kuunders
POH-GGZ - Tuesday and Friday

Since 2018 I have been working with pleasure and satisfaction with patients and colleagues from the Homeruslaan. People can come to me for guidance and treatment of psychological, psychosocial and psychosomatic complaints. It is valuable for people to think about what they experience and what is important to them. Together with each unique person, we investigate how you can find your solution or how to deal with your request for help so that your complaints decrease and disappear. This is what it's about during our conversations. If necessary, the GPs or I will refer you to another practitioner. In addition to POH-GGZ, I am trained as a psychosocial therapist, counselor and coach. I am registered in the national register POH-GGZ.

Medical Center Homeru Avenue

Several paramedical professionals are located at our location, such as a dietician, psychologist, remedial therapist and employee of the neighborhood team. As a result, there are short lines of communication with these healthcare professionals and, if necessary, consultations can take place in an accessible manner.

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Ageeth Menthen

Contact:06 –20619683

Employees | General practice Homerulaan (14)

Employees | General practice Homerulaan (15)

Marjolein Meis
Remedial therapist Marjolein Meijs

Contact:06 – 81326876

Employees | General practice Homerulaan (16)

To enrol

If you live in our zip code area (358x), you are very welcome to register with our practice. If you live outside the specified zip code area, it is not possible to register with our practice. The travel time is very important to us because we have to be with you as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

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