How serious is Deutsche Medz? Test 2023 - medical service (2023)

German Medz experiences - what can a patient buy in this digital pharmacy?

Deutsche Medz is a so-called digital pharmacy. Behind this is a pharmacy on the Internet, whose services can be used by patients. A user thus has the option of ordering various drugs such as Viagra or different contraceptive pills from Deutsche Medz Online Apotheke. It is also possible to purchase numerous prescription medicines. However, Deutsche Medz was only founded in 2020. This means that the selection of the adored medicines is still very small and therefore limited.

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However, the corresponding range will be expanded over the coming weeks. Before a patient decides to order certain medicines on the Internet, it is always very important to find out about them in advance. In addition, a patient should inquire whether the medicines or medicines offered are legal in Germany at all. At Deutsche Medz onlypharmaceuticals and medicinesoffered to be completely legal. in the rating portals, Deutsche Medz is a very reputable provider of pharmaceuticals and medicines. Quality controls are carried out at Deutsche Medz at regular intervals. The quality controls are intended to guarantee a very high standard over the long term. Not only the various medicines are checked, but also the different procedures offered by Deutsche Medz. These are, for example, the consultations carried out by the online pharmacists.

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German Medz experiences - what do the patients say about the services offered?

As already described, Deutsche Medz offers a very extensive service. This service is very well received by users and patients. This is also reflected in the German Medz experiences, among other things. One of the best-known rating portals for digital pharmacies is Trustpilot and Trusted Shop. The Deutsche Medz Digitale Apotheke achieved an overall rating of 4.6 on both rating portals. This is a recommendation rate of 86 percent, which is rated as very good on the scale. In the German Medz patient experience, the following points, among others, are rated as very good:

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  • No Hidden Fees: With most online pharmacies, there are numerous hidden fees in the final bill, which then cause the total price to skyrocket. This is not the case with Deutsche Medz Apotheke. The patient can understand exactly which costs make up the total amount. In addition, the user is informed of all costs incurred. This happens before the appropriateTreatmentand before the first consultation. Thus, the user has the opportunity to decide for or against the service.
  • The shipment is very simple and also unobtrusive: the medicines ordered are sent directly to the patient's home within a very short time. After the order has been completed, the shipment should be at your home in the next 48 hours. In addition, the medicines ordered are packed inconspicuously in a normal package. Each medicine has a corresponding package leaflet. This can be read by the user before starting treatment. In the package leaflet, the user will find all the important information that applies to the use of the medicines and medicines ordered.
  • A very extensive customer service: Customer service is the flagship of every service provider. This is of course also the case with Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke. Here, too, it is very important that a patient always has the opportunity to contact customer service. This is particularly important when the user is affected by severe symptoms or side effects. In such a case, a user should always be able to contact a doctor directly. This is permanently possible at Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke. The patient can have contact with the online doctors both directly before treatment and during or shortly afterwards.

These three points are always emphasized by the patients in the German Medz experiences. These are also the main reasons why more and more people are choosing Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke. Just try the Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke for yourself and get your own impression of the services of the Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke.

Deutsche Medz experiences - when do users decide to use the services of the Deutsche Medz Digital Pharmacy?

A user can decide to use the Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke for a variety of reasons. In most cases, however, a user turns to Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke when they are affected by unpleasant symptoms that they do not want to discuss directly with a doctor face-to-face. For example, it could be onepremature ejaculationor also about the very well-known potency problems such as oneerectile dysfunctionact. The person concerned can describe their complaints and feelings to the online doctor either directly online or in the questionnaire. This is then completely evaluated by a doctor, who then has the opportunity to prescribe a suitable drug for the patient. As a rule, the user is then given a suitable sexual enhancer such asTadalafilprescribed.

This drug can then be purchased by the user without hesitation in the online pharmacy. In this way, the patient avoids direct confrontation with a urologist. In most cases, a patient is also afraid or concerned about direct confrontation, which is why the services of Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke are preferred. If you too should be affected by these or similar complaints, then do not hesitate any longer, but contact Deutsche Medz customer service today.

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Deutsche Medz – how is it possible to order from a digital pharmacy?

Ordering from Deutsche Medz Digital Pharmacy is possible at any time. As soon as a patient has a prescribed prescription, the corresponding medicines can be ordered directly from the online pharmacy. Ordering in the Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke is very easy in four individual steps:

  • In the first step, the user must contact the corresponding digital pharmacy. This can be done both by calling and using the chat function.
  • In the next step, the user can select the appropriate drug. A so-called search function is offered on the Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheken internet platform. The user thus has the option of entering the name of the drug in the search bar. The corresponding drug is then displayed, which can then be selected by him. If Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheken does not have the appropriate drug available, the user will be offered appropriate alternatives. If there is a suitable drug for you, you can also select it.
  • The next step is the medical questionnaire. The medical questionnaire must be filled out by the patient directly on the Internet. The medical questionnaire consists of both personal data and medical data. This includes both possible pre-existing conditions and the parallel intake of other medicines and medicines. As soon as you have completed the questionnaire, it will be evaluated. The evaluation is carried out by a highly qualified team of doctors. They know exactly which medicine is suitable for which complaints or illnesses. The prescribed medication can then also be purchased in the German Medz Digital Pharmacy. The online pharmacist can also inform you when the medication you have ordered will arrive at your home.

After this step, the entire process is already completed. However, this does not mean that a patient can no longer contact the online doctor or the customer care team. This is also possible at a later date.

Reviews about Deutsche Medz on Trustpilot

  • 874 customer reviews
  • 4.3 out of 5.0 stars
  • Terrific

How serious is Deutsche Medz? Test 2023 - medical service (2)

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German Medz experiences - can this digital pharmacy be described as a professional provider?

This question can also be answered with a very clear yes. The regular quality controls and the corresponding seals of approval clearly confirm that Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke is an absolutely reputable provider whose services are completely legal in Germany. Thus, a user can turn to the German Medz Digital Pharmacy online without any bottom. All doctors who work with Deutsche Medz Digital Apotheke are EU-resistant medical professionals who have all the necessary licenses. This is very important for a digital pharmacy. In addition, the medicines and medicines offered are always the original medicines. However, the corresponding generics can also be purchased at the request of a patient. However, this always depends on the demands of the user.

It is best to always seek detailed advice and be informed about the appropriate medication. In addition, a patient should always read the leaflet carefully. This is also very important, as there is a lot of different information in the corresponding leaflet that is very important for the user.

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How is refusal of medication dealt with? ›

If a service user does refuse to take their medication it may also be necessary for staff to: Try to ascertain the reason and explore solutions with them. Staff may need to try to encourage the person to take their medication by explaining what the medication is for and stressing the importance of taking it.

Can you decline a prescription? ›

Could I ever be forced to take medication? In most cases, you cannot be forced to take medication. If you are offered medication, you usually have the right to refuse it and ask for an alternative treatment.

Can doctors prescribe without seeing you? ›

There are laws to consider when assessing any prescribing issues which include, but are not limited to: 1) a physician cannot prescribe without an appropriate prior exam and a medical indication for the prescription, and 2) an adequate and accurate medical record relating to the provision of services to the patient and ...

Does milk neutralize drugs? ›

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  • amphotericin – liposomal formulation. P Potassium and.
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  • sodium chloride. I.
  • Insulin. ...
  • N Narcotics (opioids) ...
  • sedatives. ...
  • patches.

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Drug level testing is important in people taking drugs such as:
  • Flecainide, procainamide or digoxin, which are used to treat abnormal beating of the heart.
  • Lithium, used to treat bipolar disorder.
  • Phenytoin or valproic acid, which are used to treat seizures or other conditions.

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All active duty military servicemembers submit a urine sample for drug testing at least once a year. These drug tests screen for the presence of marijuana, amphetamines, and cocaine. In some cases, the urinalysis will screen for the presence of other drugs, including steroids, morphine, heroin, barbiturates, and LSD.

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