What is the net worth of Steven Adams (2023)

Steven Adams NBA salary

What is the net worth of Steven Adams (1)

Assessed profit: 4 years, $100,000,000 contract with OKC. $100,000,000 pay affirmed. Medium compensation $25 million dollars. Adam's compensation goes from 2020-2021 is around $27,529,000. There's an unpleasant cap hit, assessing at $29,592,700 with a lower cap gauge at $27,529,000, yearly compensation.

Steven Adams

Steven Funaki Adams was brought into the world on 20 July 1993 in Rotorua. His weight is 6-11 lbs 265 lbs (211cm, 120 kg) NBA - Debut: October 30, 2013. Vocation. For more data about Steven Adams see [link].

Player News

In a bundle that would send Jonas Valanciunas and the No. 17 determination in Thursday's Draft to New, Orleans Adams was exchanged on Monday by Memphis. Adams won't play at Friday's Golden State game. Adams is sketchy when he plays Friday night against Golden State. Adams has since been sidelined for the Mavericks on Tuesday and the Lakers on Sunday. He ought to be out until the finish of the period with New Orleans Pelicans. Adams has been managed out of the Pelicans' last two games with the injury that caused it during his last two rounds of his vocation with the Nets. He will be exchanged to the Grizzlies on Monday. '

Preparatory school and college

What is the net worth of Steven Adams (2)

For Big East, he has proclaimed the Preseason Rookie of the Year and he acquired All-Rookie group praises. He began 32 games during the 2012–13 season arrived at the midpoint of 7.2 focuses 6.4 bounce back and 2.0 squares per game. Adams enlisted for the NBA draft 2 April 2013, without school qualification in the last three years he had. Adams was chosen as an alum of Scots College in December 2011. Adams is a 6-foot-foot Forward playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Interestingly since his lesser season in the Pittsburgh Steelers' program, he was no.1 in the NBA draft.

Early life

Steven Adams was brought into the world in Rotorua New Zealand in Tongan plunge into the child of a Tongan mother and a British. His father Sid Adams filled in as the Royal Navy and had 18 kids with five ladies. Sid Adams estimated 6 ft 11 inches (2.11 m) high. His stepsister Valerie Adams is an award-winning shot-putter Olympic and World Champion. Adams recognized the demise of his dad as perhaps the best insight of his life. Upon his dad's demise his sibling Warren saved him and carried him to Wellington.


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Indication of a long-term contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. 27 June 2013: Drafted on the first pick in the twelfth pick of the 2013 NBA Draft. Moved from the Toronto Raptors (in the first-cycle 2013 NBA draft) to the Houston Rockets for Kyle Lowry. Endorsed in an exchange with New Orleans Pelicans in October 2012. Finished paperwork for the Pelotons for a 4-group bargain in November 2020. The Pelicans exchanged Erik Bledsoe Jared Butler Zaire Williams and 2022.

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Name + "Statistics" Translations

Steven Adams insights. Steven. Adams Estadsticas. Steven. Adams Statskyia. German: English: Statistics "statistics" Spanish: Statuadicista Statistica Statistic. Italian: Statistic.

More Adams pages

Steven Adams incorporates Steven Adams Game History, Shot Splits on-off Matches. That has Steven Adams highlighted for the current week on this scene.

Steven Adams: Out for the remainder of the game.

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Adams posted one point (0-3 FC, 1-2 TFF) eight bounces back, two bits of help, and one square shortly against the Warriors Tuesday. Adams is having a right first MTP sprain and he's out for the rest of Tuesday's opposition. The Pelican's next game against the 76ers comes on Friday. Willy Hernangomez and Jaxson Hayes may cover most of the minutes at focus. Adams returning get-togethers rounds of sickness yet that he irritated his toe injury in his first game back doesn't look good for him.

Steven Adams: Will miss the third straight game.

Adams will miss Monday's down against the Golden State. Adams has a toe. One day in the community for the Pelicans she made another beginning. The Pelicans will confront Golden State on Tuesday night, so they'll get an opportunity of Adams missing this game. Adams is relied upon to miss the Pelicans' next game against The Warriors.

Steven Adams: Expected to sit out Monday.

Adams stays dubious for Monday's down versus the Grizzlies. He is relied upon to miss his third game straight because of an injury to his huge toe. Willy Hernangomez should begin in his place with Jaxson Hayes having his spot. The two players scored in the success over Charlotte and each additional nine focuses a game quickly. Hayes scored 18 focuses, eight bounce back, and six squares shortly during the success. Track down the best NBA news with our Live Stream from the NBA timetable of Mondays. Snap HERE.

Steven Adams: Questionable Tuesday

What is the net worth of Steven Adams (5)

Adams has been recorded as sketchy before his re-visitation of activity against the Golden State Warriors Tuesday. Willy Hernangomez might be qualified for one more spot at focus. After missing a fourth back-to-back game the New Orleans Hurricanes were hit by Stephen Curry and Co. The Pelicans will not lose Adams for one more evening of a two-game back column.

Steven Adams: Doesn't practice Thursday.

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Dislike Adams couldn't confront the 76ers for Friday. Adams is being determined to have a hyper-extended right toe after Tuesday's down. Willy Hernangomez may begin in the Pelicans' next game however it may not occur. The New Orleans Pelicans play the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday night at St.

Steven Adams: Questionable for Sunday

What is the net worth of Steven Adams (6)

Adams missed the game against the 76ers on Friday due to a hyper-extended toe. Adams could miss Sunday's down with the Hornets. If he stays there again it is probable Willy Hernangomez will acquire one more beginning situation at focus. On Sunday, the Pelicans have a game against the Hornets.

Steven Adams: Ruled out Friday

Adams missed practice Thursday because of a hyper-extended toe. Adams is suspicious for Friday’s games with the 76ers. Willy Hernangomez has likely set up as a middle against Philadelphia. Adams misses Thursday’s practice and is relied upon to be out for the last not many.

Steven Adams: Questionable vs. Mavs

What is the net worth of Steven Adams (7)

He wasn't recorded in dispute for his game with the Utah Jazz. Adams had been down and out multiple times with a toe injury in his grasp. That could get him for the beginning five, however, will push Dominika Hernangomez back to the seat.

Steven Adams: Goes to the locker room.

He wasn't recorded in question for his game with the Utah Jazz. Adams had been out for the count on different occasions with a toe injury in his grip. That could get him for the starting five anyway will push Dominika Hernangomez back to the seat.

Steven Adams: Pelicans' official out Monday.

What is the net worth of Steven Adams (8)

He will miss his third game get-togethers was considered suspicious. As Adams has not been accessible Willy Hernangomez and Jaxson Hayes will profit. Adams is relied upon to miss Monday's down against.

Steven Adams -Memphis Grizzlies: Dealt with Memphis

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Jons Valanciunas and the No 17 pick in Thursday's draft is moved to Memphis. Eric Bledsoe will join the Grizzlies. In the 2021 NBA Draft, the Grizzlies were to get the No. 10 picks while the Lakers would get that best 10-ensured pick. It has additionally chosen No. 10 out of 2021 and No. 16 in the NBA Draft from next season. Adams projects as a successful floor spacer as a story - a spacer the style Jaren Jackson would fit as he in Memphis.

Pelicans' Steven Adams: Out again Sunday

Adams will avoid this current Sunday's down against the Hornets. Adams has left the game harming his toe. As of now there, he may make another beginning with a focus in the community for the Pelicans. What's more, the Pels are playing Monday in Memphis, so they get an opportunity of Adams missing that game. Adams is probably going to miss Monday’s game against Memphis.

Pelicans' Steven Adams: Uncertain Friday

Adams is problematic for a Friday game against Golden State. Adams missed the last four games, yet he got a 40% shot at making the outing Friday. The group might choose not to deliver him once it had one season to leave on Friday. Adams can play in the Warri's group.

Pelicans' Steven Adams: Out again Friday

Adams will miss something like five games in the wake of experiencing a lower leg sprain. Willy Hernangomez should begin against Golden State. A. Adams' nonattendance from New Orleans Pelicans' home matchup with the Golden State Warriors will probably miss it.

Pelicans' Steven Adams: Out Wednesday

Adams will miss another matchup with lower leg and foot wounds. For the NYC Knicks, Willy Hernangomez should keep on working. For seven days Adams has been out for the injury.

Steven Adams of the Pelicans: Out for the finale

Adams has midpoints of 7.6 focuses, 8.9 focuses, and 1.9 helps. Adams misses six matches in succession and two straight games on April 26. Adam’s midpoints 7.7 focuses per game in New Orleans - this is none more terrible than last season except for he just got one moment more per game. New Orleans Pelicans take on Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

Steven Adams of the Pelicans: Will play Tuesday

Adams gets back to the five beginning spots on Tuesday's down against the Warriors. Adams had not been permitted to play on 123-108 misfortune. Adams will be accessible after getting back to activity in the wake of missing three games for the subsequent time. Averin Adams is probably going to go only a few minutes in Tuesday's down.

Steven Adams: Officially doubtful Friday

An injury toe made Adams avoid the practice. He has now been called up as dicey for Friday's down against the Philadelphia Sixers. Willy Hernangomez may make the beginning set up in Adams' nonattendance. Adams is booked to miss half of the year.

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New Orleans Pelicans (2020–2021)

In November 2020 Adams was exchanged by the New Orleans Pelicans. He is in the group's agreement for two seasons with the Pelicans worth $35 million. Adams marked an arrangement with the NBA.

2017–18 season

Adams scored a vocation high 27 on ideal shooting to help the Thunder beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 111–107. On February 2, 2018, his 23 focuses on misfortune to New Orleans Pelicans 114–100. Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka were the sole Thunder players to get more than 3,000 professional focuses and 350 game squares during their vocations. Adams got done with 19 focuses and 16 bounce back in Game 6 of the Thunder's first-round season finisher series against the Utah Jazz to drop to 93–91 as the Thunder dropped out of the end of the season games with. He turned into the main Thunder player to snatch 12 offenses bounce back against the Cavaliers.

2018–19 season

Adams had 26 focuses on the triumph over the Phoenix Suns on November 17, 2018. During the Denver game, he made 26 focuses and recorded 16 bounces back. Adams posted 20 focuses for his vocation and a record 23 bounce back. During a 98-98 success over Memphis, Grizzlies Adams arrived at the midpoint of 13 p. Adams was named as outstanding amongst other NBA players for the NBA - Final.

Season 2013–14

Adams was chosen by the Oklahoma City Thunder as the twelfth in general in the NBA draft of 2013. He turned into the primary New Zealander to be chosen in the main NBA draft. On October 30, 2013, Adams made his NBA debut, recording two focuses, three bouncing back one help, and three bobbles shortly by the way against the Utah Jazz. Adams recorded 17 focuses and 10 bounce back against the Detroit Pistons on November 8 in just his fifth NBA game. He played in 81 games (20 beginnings) and recorded 3.3 focuses 4.3 bounce back averaging 14.7 minutes per game (ninth among NBA newbies).

Season 2015–16

In his 115–110 misfortune to the Portland Trail Blazers Adams on January 10, 2016. In-Game 1 versus the Golden State Warriors Adams recorded 16 focuses and 12 focuses. He added 12 focuses and 17 bounce back in Game 2 of the second-round season finisher laugh against the Spurs. The Thunder were squashed by the Warriors in seven games who had gone up 3–1% in the series however were crushed 7–1% in Game 4. Adams put in another 17 focuses in the last game against the San Antonio Spurs.

Season 2016–17

In his 115–110 misfortune to the Portland Trail Blazers Adams on January 10, 2016. In-Game 1 versus the Golden State Warriors Adams recorded 16 focuses and 12 focuses. He added 12 focuses and 17 bounce back in Game 2 of the second-round season finisher laugh against the Spurs. The Thunder were squashed by the Warriors in seven games who had gone up 3–1% in the series however were crushed 7–1% in Game 4. Adams put in another 17 focuses in the last game against the San Antonio Spurs.

Nothing personal with David Samson

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The more extensive recipient review was distributed today. Network programs this week are the most recent in a series coming out. I'm going to give this the first of the year.


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How much does Steven Adams make a year? ›

How much has Steven Adams made in the NBA? ›

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Steven Adams spends some of his money on charity work.

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